What's does your membership mean?

Burbank Coordinating Council Membership means:

  • Caring for your community

  • Giving back to those who need it most

  • Providing a place for people to come when they need resources and guidance

  • Putting a smile on someone’s face because they got a holiday basket

  • Sending Kids to camp to grow and learn and experience things they might not have otherwise experienced.

Your membership will provide a part of the much needed funds that BCC relies on to do the work that we’ve been doing since 1937. We are small but mighty and our Board of volunteers, families and friends who donate their time, money, energies and minds to all of our endeavors are what make us great. 

We thank you for your membership and will keep you updated throughout the year about the work we are doing and how your membership dollars are helping those in our community thrive.

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